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Enable the blackbox to verbosely log all events into LocalStorage for debugging purposes! Note that these logs are *very big* and it's not recommended you share them with anyone outside the development team.

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What are the rules of your service?

  1. Do not upload adult content (including but not limited to, pornography).
  2. Do not share your uploader token with anyone or publish it anywhere. If you want to let others onto the service, encourage them to register.
  3. Don't do anything that will damage the stability of the service.
  4. Occasionally, we may share your data with third parties for backup, security, rule enforcement or legal reasons. By using our service, you agree to this.
  5. These rules may be changed at any point, and it's your responsibility to keep track of the newest rules. By uploading a file, you agree to follow these rules.


Our service is provided without any warranty or guarantees, ranging from uptime to file retention. We try our best, but we cannot guarantee 100%/99% uptime.


All developers have access to the admin API, which allows modification, manipulation, and access to user information.

We are compliant with GDPR. You are allowed to request a dump of your data stored in the service.


Uploads are logged. Information includes your user ID, file size, the domain you upload to, and the time of upload. This does not include your IP address.

Third Parties

We allow unofficial domains owned by third parties to be used on the service. The third parties providing these domains may not respect the data they get as well as we do, and we cannot enforce their actions.


We use 4 letter (or more) filenames with characters 0-9 and a-z, and it's possible that someone could brute force filenames on our domains to find which images exist. To combat this, we offer a paranoid mode that increases the minimum filename length to 8 characters.

How can I get uploader configurations?

Click on your username, go to My Account, click on "Generate Uploader Token", and enter your password. On the page that'll open, you can find the configuration files that are custom-generated for you.

Which uploaders do you support?

You can download the configuration file for each supported uploaders when you generate an uploader token in your account page.

I can't log in!

If you have just registered, remember that we need to manually accept your account. We usually don't accept people that are not in our Discord server.

I keep getting logged out!

If you don't check "keep me logged in", we use special tokens that last 3 days to keep you safe.

How do I get a token?

Login, click on your username on the top right corner, go to My Account, click on "Generate Uploader Token", then follow the instructions.

How do I set a domain?

Click your username, go to My Account, enter your password, pick a domain from the dropdown, click save, and all future uploads will be on that domain (until you change it).

What can I upload?

Any files with the following mimetypes:

  • image/png
  • image/jpeg
  • image/gif
  • image/webp
  • image/svg+xml
  • audio/webm
  • video/webm
  • video/mp4
  • application/pgp-keys
  • text/x-tex

...as long as they follow the rules, which can be found in the "What are the rules of your service?" section of this page.